Numerous Ham Radio organizations offer special certificates  for operating achievements by Hams and SWL's. These awards are numerous and are suitable for framing and displaying in your Listening Post. These awards are for such accomplishments as Hearing all Continents, Verifying 100 Countries, Verifying 100 Call Prefixes, etc. At last estimate, there were in excess of 3,000 worldwide.

SWARL offers several achievement awards that can be applied for online via email. As new awards come on stream, they will be announced on the SWARL group and on this site. Currently, there awards for Hearing all Continerts, Verifying number of Grid Locations, verifying number of Call Prefixes and others. You can see our award rules in awards section of this site.

The awards certificates can be sent to you after submission of specific ,verification information applicable to each award. The certificate then can be sent to you by email as a jpeg file of good quality.

Email your award application in the form of an extraction from your log to email address: