I.C.P.O. Castle news!

Hello All!

– Team of Vladimir Radio Club is going to activate on the 11th of June several
fortresses in Suzdal: Fortress of St.Evfimevsky Monastery, WCA: UA-00303,
COTA-RU: С-324, RDA: VL-27, Shchurovo Gorodishche, WCA: UA-00409, COTA-RU: C-332,
RDA: VL-27, Fortress of Pokrovsky Monastery, WCA: UA-00674, COTA-RU: C-349, RDA:
VL-27. They plan to work beginning from 16 UTC during 3-4 hours as R2VA/P on 20,
40 and 80 meters SSB and CW. Logs will be uploaded to WCA E-LOG and COTA-RU E-Log.
73 & 11! [tnx info RA3VMD]


73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW

WCA Co-ordinator


RZ1CWC team